Nothing Happened 07:45

I'm doing HTML and JavaScript stuff @ library.

It's really fun!!

Programming is really fun!

It takes very long time to make a program which work proper, but I can do whatever I want!!!

That's great! That's awesome!

And I love English keyboard's layout!!

Then, I use computer lab's or library's computer.

I wish I could buy a keyboard in here.

Finally, I see my midterm grades... damn.....

71 is suppose to C-!

(Actually, I got D- wiht 71. i dont know why 71 is D-)

and I sent not only Lab1 and extracredit work but also Lab2 thig!!!

please, please see your e-mail Ms. Smith...

if you had noticed and included the Lab homework, I would get 96

and it is absolutely A...

you know....

i hope she will add the grade to my grade until the final week.